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The Great Lakes Storm of 1913

All around the Great Lakes we are remembering the Great Storm of 1913: the hundreds of mariners who lost their lives and the others who lived to share their tales. Among those remembering are the folks in the Goderich area at www.1913storm.ca/. We too, remember. On this site we focus on the reports of events, many of them confused, some of them sensational. Like reporters in every age, those of 1913 struggled to get the story right in a period when telephone and telegraph lines were down, railroads were struggling to clear their tracks and the mails were slow getting through. We have assembled a growing collection of stories that deal with the storm. Some were published during the storm; eight months later there were still salvage operations on the remote shores of Lake Superior. Among the special sets of information are Some Personal Experiences of Masters of the Lake Fleet of the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company and Pittsburg Steamship Company in the Storm of November 7, 8, 9 and 10, 1913, a collection of letter written to head-office by captains who were out in the storm and survived. Some of these were subsequently published and others were not.

This site is an ongoing experiment in the design of a "digital library", a collection of documents intended to be of value to those researching Great Lakes History.

A number of people have combined their efforts to bring you this collection: Dick Palmer, Dave Swayze, Peter Warwick, Ken Macpherson, Bill McNeil, Rick Neilson, Gerry Ouderkirk and Ron Beaupre not to mention the talented and creative people at a number of linked sites.

Life belts outside the undertakers

Life belts collected from the bodies washed ashore along Lake Huron.

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